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Established in 1990, Industrial Technology Co. Ltd stands proudly as a subsidiary of the esteemed Al Allats Group, contributing to the Kingdom's diverse industries with a rich legacy of multifaceted expertise. Our journey began with humble ventures in manpower supply, electronics, and vehicle maintenance, gradually evolving to become a pioneering force in ELV (Extra Low Voltage) and telecommunication integration. However, our commitment to innovation and versatility extends beyond these realms. Over the years, we have strategically expanded our operations to include dedicated departments specializing in testing and calibration, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), and software solutions

Our remarkable growth trajectory is a testament to our adaptability and unwavering dedication. Through meticulous planning and strategic decision-making, we have successfully navigated the complexities of various industries, fostering accelerated business growth. As we continue to evolve with the changing landscape, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions remains steadfast. Industrial Technology Co. Ltd takes pride in its ability to not only keep pace with industry demands but also set benchmarks for excellence, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality services across all facets of our diverse portfolio.

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We have been catering to the fast growing telecommunication industry for engineering services and maintenance of telecommunication related instruments. Our workforce of qualified technicians and engineers can effectively execute Telecom and IT projects of any size. Our services cover wide range of specialties in these fields: Along with our other partners and alliances, ITC is emerging to provide highly technical and competitive capabilities at the time where concentration of telecommunication is in the supply market, and the need for innovative and flexible execution approaches are stronger than ever. We aim to support the industrial investors with distinctive services than we believe will help creating a successful and sustainable business. Our highly experienced and specialized staff and professionals will ensure high quality and effectiveness of our services.

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